Start with a detailed conversation about your needs and a walkthrough of your facility.


Compiling all of your internal energy/maintenance costs, so you can predict accurate results within your budget.


A proper design means you spend less in product costs, use less energy, and light goes where it is wanted and needed.


Your LED lights are built for a purpose, catering to their specific use, and maximizing energy efficiency.


A turn-key solution including installation with top notch professionals used to difficult environments.


Custom LED Systems is here to serve you. Call us, we can help you get started.

Need to schedule your efficiency walk-through? Questions on product? Have a big order? Are you a contractor? 



We believe that there is always a better way, and our commitment is to FIND IT. Implementing a rare financially-conscious upgrade that is aligned with your values to: control expenses, predict consistent outcomes, eliminate waste, design with purpose, and provide a better experience and life for your people.



          NOW YOU CAN OWN IT.

Our unique opportunity is designed to implement LED Solid State Lighting in your facilities without any change to your cash flow.  We are able to retrofit your existing facility and let the energy savings pay for the full project.  We show you in a detailed analysis with your actual usage and cost data how we will be able to use the savings created to produce a day 1 return on investment.  We can also teach you how to invest in your own system with even larger long-term energy and financial efficiency. Imagine paying yourself for lighting instead of the utility company.  


OVERVIEW – The Best Hedge Against Rising Energy Cost is the Kilowatt You Never Use

The vision and goal of our Company is to use the most innovative lighting technology across the globe to maximize energy efficiency.  In your facility today, what other systems that are in every room can you save over 70% of the energy? Lighting is the lowest hanging fruit to bring your company the opportunity to take energy efficiency standards and qualifications off of your plate. Our system eliminates energy from your bill that you will never have to pay for again. Read more >>

How It Works


We have put together a simple, but detailed process to offer you a complete energy savings proposal for your business. First, we sit down with you and find out exactly what you have done, and are currently doing, to address energy efficiency measures for your business. We then conduct a detailed lighting evaluation throughout your building. There are three main reasons we do this audit. Read more >>

The Benefits

THE BENEFITS – How You Can Turn Energy Efficency Into Operating Income

The benefits of solid state LED lighting are numerous. The long term advantages of an LED lighting system vs. traditional systems are simply astounding. It only takes one good reason to implement an LED  system, but below is a list of 15 advantages. Read more >>




Up to 40% reduction in lighting related HVAC demand
70+% of lighting kilowatt usage is eliminated
Save up to 60% on electricity bills

  • Reaching sustainability standards for the next 20 years

  • Elimination of ballast expense and energy loss

  • Taking advantage of utility rebates and incentives

  • Dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions equivalency

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  • LED Office LED Office
  • CLS-HB0-120W CLS-HB0-120W
  • Cedarville basketball after Cedarville basketball after
  • CLS_690SL_100W__43916.1355288415.220.290 CLS_690SL_100W__43916.1355288415.220.290
  • LED Streetlights LED Streetlights
  • CLS_IL_415_100W_E345599__28078.1355282461.220.290 CLS_IL_415_100W_E345599__28078.1355282461.220.290
  • Before and After Garage Before and After Garage
  • a19 transparent a19 transparent
  • Evolution of Lighting Evolution of Lighting
  • 22W T8 High Bay Retro-fit 22W T8 High Bay Retro-fit
  • CLS_PAR38_9XPE__55482.1355283248.220.290 CLS_PAR38_9XPE__55482.1355283248.220.290
  • CLS_FL_550B_200W__23432.1355281604.220.290 CLS_FL_550B_200W__23432.1355281604.220.290
  • 1CLS_GU10_T6_5W_D1__94538.1368218400.220.290 1CLS_GU10_T6_5W_D1__94538.1368218400.220.290
  • CLS_PL_600_300_24W__22006.1355283365.220.290 CLS_PL_600_300_24W__22006.1355283365.220.290
  • CLS_DW_5x3W_A__24752.1355280459.220.290 CLS_DW_5x3W_A__24752.1355280459.220.290
  • CLS_QP60_A6__39137.1355283895.220.290 CLS_QP60_A6__39137.1355283895.220.290
  • CLS_IL_515_100W_E345599__38131.1355282664.220.290 CLS_IL_515_100W_E345599__38131.1355282664.220.290
  • CLS_880SL_200W__15095.1355288997.220.290 CLS_880SL_200W__15095.1355288997.220.290
  • CLS_QP50_A3A15__48693.1355283736.220.290 CLS_QP50_A3A15__48693.1355283736.220.290
  • CLS_PAR38_12XPE__50964.1355283187.220.290 CLS_PAR38_12XPE__50964.1355283187.220.290
  • CLS_MR16_4XPE__32213.1355282926.220.290 CLS_MR16_4XPE__32213.1355282926.220.290
  • CLS_GU10_4W_C__19522.1355281901.220.290 CLS_GU10_4W_C__19522.1355281901.220.290
  • CLS_GU10_3XPE__91929.1355281852.220.290 CLS_GU10_3XPE__91929.1355281852.220.290
  • CLS_E26_4W_C__58876.1355280891.220.290 CLS_E26_4W_C__58876.1355280891.220.290
  • CLS_QP70_A1__82383.1355283935.220.290 CLS_QP70_A1__82383.1355283935.220.290
  • CLS_CL_A4__05403.1355279845.220.290 CLS_CL_A4__05403.1355279845.220.290
  • CLS_CL_A3__74258.1355279779.220.290 CLS_CL_A3__74258.1355279779.220.290
  • CLS_CL_A2__87853.1355279402.220.290 CLS_CL_A2__87853.1355279402.220.290
  • CLS_CL_4X1.5W_XPE_DIM__32626.1355279369.220.290 CLS_CL_4X1.5W_XPE_DIM__32626.1355279369.220.290
  • CLS_CEL_320_20W__74796.1355279192.220.290 CLS_CEL_320_20W__74796.1355279192.220.290
  • CLS_FL_600B_150W__29555.1355281667.220.290 CLS_FL_600B_150W__29555.1355281667.220.290
  • CLS_FL_600_150W__01079.1355281631.220.290 CLS_FL_600_150W__01079.1355281631.220.290
  • CLS_FL_550A_200W__07106.1355281579.220.290 CLS_FL_550A_200W__07106.1355281579.220.290
  • CLS_FL_410_150W__33888.1355281544.220.290 CLS_FL_410_150W__33888.1355281544.220.290
  • CLS_FL_400A_120W__63257.1355281502.220.290 CLS_FL_400A_120W__63257.1355281502.220.290
  • CLS_FL_360A_80W__06484.1355281467.220.290 CLS_FL_360A_80W__06484.1355281467.220.290
  • CLS_FL_360_80W__27965.1355281431.220.290 CLS_FL_360_80W__27965.1355281431.220.290
  • CLS_FL_295_80W__39344.1355281387.220.290 CLS_FL_295_80W__39344.1355281387.220.290
  • CLS_FL_290B_50W__78723.1355281317.220.290 CLS_FL_290B_50W__78723.1355281317.220.290
  • CLS_FL_290A_50W__97583.1355281265.220.290 CLS_FL_290A_50W__97583.1355281265.220.290
  • CLS_FL_225B_30W__05776.1355281195.220.290 CLS_FL_225B_30W__05776.1355281195.220.290
  • CLS_FL_225A_30W__08391.1355281161.220.290 CLS_FL_225A_30W__08391.1355281161.220.290
  • CLS_FL_220_30W__48779.1355281098.220.290 CLS_FL_220_30W__48779.1355281098.220.290
  • 28wpic__91386.1355284509.220.290 28wpic__91386.1355284509.220.290
  • CLS_FL_150_10W__92668.1355281020.220.290 CLS_FL_150_10W__92668.1355281020.220.290
  • CLS_FL_115A_10W__25960.1355280977.220.290 CLS_FL_115A_10W__25960.1355280977.220.290
  • CLS_SP230_30W__46251.1355284057.220.290 CLS_SP230_30W__46251.1355284057.220.290
  • CLS_SP230_20W__48497.1355284028.220.290 CLS_SP230_20W__48497.1355284028.220.290
  • CLS_DW_SQ_3x3W_A__21103.1355280771.220.290 CLS_DW_SQ_3x3W_A__21103.1355280771.220.290
  • CLS_DW_9x3W_A__68278.1355280713.220.290 CLS_DW_9x3W_A__68278.1355280713.220.290
  • CLS_DW_7x3W_A__35947.1355280653.220.290 CLS_DW_7x3W_A__35947.1355280653.220.290
  • CLS_DW_6x3W_A__42344.1355280533.220.290 CLS_DW_6x3W_A__42344.1355280533.220.290
  • CLS_DW_5XPE_B__86541.1355280493.220.290 CLS_DW_5XPE_B__86541.1355280493.220.290
  • CLS_DW_4XPE_B__11327.1355280410.220.290 CLS_DW_4XPE_B__11327.1355280410.220.290
  • CLS_DW_3XPE_B__17191.1355280378.220.290 CLS_DW_3XPE_B__17191.1355280378.220.290
  • CLS_DW_3x3x3W_A__20337.1355280323.220.290 CLS_DW_3x3x3W_A__20337.1355280323.220.290
  • CLS_DW_3x3W_A__75949.1355280284.220.290 CLS_DW_3x3W_A__75949.1355280284.220.290
  • CLS_DW_2x3x3W_A__88634.1355280240.220.290 CLS_DW_2x3x3W_A__88634.1355280240.220.290
  • CLS_DW_26W_B__00325.1355280201.220.290 CLS_DW_26W_B__00325.1355280201.220.290
  • CLS_DW_20W_B__48730.1355280111.220.290 CLS_DW_20W_B__48730.1355280111.220.290
  • CLS_DW_1x3W_A__99343.1355280079.220.290 CLS_DW_1x3W_A__99343.1355280079.220.290
  • CLS_DW_16W_B__14378.1355280041.220.290 CLS_DW_16W_B__14378.1355280041.220.290
  • CLS_DW_15x3W_A__20271.1355279937.220.290 CLS_DW_15x3W_A__20271.1355279937.220.290
  • CLS_DW_12x3W_A__93593.1355279906.220.290 CLS_DW_12x3W_A__93593.1355279906.220.290
  • CLS_PL_R8_15W__54114.1355283677.220.290 CLS_PL_R8_15W__54114.1355283677.220.290
  • CLS_PL_R6_13W__74027.1355283643.220.290 CLS_PL_R6_13W__74027.1355283643.220.290
  • CLS_PL_R5_11W__90434.1355283597.220.290 CLS_PL_R5_11W__90434.1355283597.220.290
  • CLS_PL_R4_9W__85987.1355283566.220.290 CLS_PL_R4_9W__85987.1355283566.220.290
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