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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Energy and Technology


Energy & LED Lights – By John Brennan, Demand Media New LED lighting options can save energy Consumer electronic devices using light-emitting diodes range from television remote controls to digital displays. In recent years, LED lights have also become available for interior lighting in homes and businesses. One of the potential benefits associated with LED lights is decreased energy…


USA TODAY – LED Bulbs Pay Off in the Long Run


Dan Friedell,6 a.m. EDT June 16, 2013 THEY COST MORE NOW, BUT LIGHT-EMITTING DIODES ARE SHINING BRIGHTER AND LASTING LONGER THAN TRADITIONAL LIGHT BULBS. (Photo: Photo: Cover photo by Odessy Barbu/Getty Images) If the next light bulb you buy is an LED, it may be your last. The technology behind light-emitting diodes has advanced to…


Less Lumens, Brighter Light?


Case Study: A warehouse facility recently upgraded its lighting. Before the lighting improvement project it was illuminated by low CRI HPS lamps which were replaced with higher CRI lights. The luminous intensity before the retrofit was 35 foot candles which fell to only 25 foot candles after the retrofit project! A reduction of 28% in…


Key LED Facts


One of the first steps in understanding the value of LED is understanding exactly what LED technology is, and how it is different from what we are used to today in traditional lighting systems.  We have gathered some helpful information that can educate you on the many reasons why LED technology benefits your business in…