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At Custom LED Systems, we have put together a truly unique system for your business to introduce and implement solid state LED lighting technology. Your building will reap the multiple benefits of the best lighting technology in the world without any extra cost to your cash flow.
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Our unique opportunity is designed to implement LED Solid State Lighting in your facilities without any change to your cash flow.  We are able to retrofit your existing facility from traditional lighting to a state-of-the-art, solid state lighting system using the highest quality LED technology available and let the energy savings pay for the full project.  We show you in a detailed analysis with your actual usage and cost data how we will be able to use the savings created to produce a day 1 return on investment.  We can also teach you how to invest in your own system with even larger long-term energy and financial efficiency. Imagine paying yourself for lighting instead of the utility company. 




The Best Hedge Against Rising Energy Cost is the Kilowatt You Never Use

The vision and goal of our Company is to use existing energy expense, and couple it with the most innovative technology available in lighting today to bring your company the opportunity to take energy efficiency standards and qualifications off of your plate. This energy evaluation process is offered at no cost to you.

The program we have built allows you to accomplish the following things:

  1. Implement a state-of-the-art solid state lighting system that eliminates maintenance and safety standards from your plate.

  2. Creates a positive working environment by providing the cleanest, brightest, and most consistent lighting available.

  3. Allows your current lighting expense to fund this process.

In our “HOW IT WORKS” section, we outline for you the actual process we follow to show you exactly how to make solid state LED lighting work for your business.


How It Works


We have put together a simple, but detailed process to offer you a complete energy savings proposal for your business. First, we sit down with you and find out exactly what you have done, and are currently doing, to address energy efficiency measures for your business. We then conduct a lighting audit throughout your building. There are three main reasons we do this audit:

  1. To see how your lighting energy costs are distributed throughout your building(s)

  2. To determine any lighting that is unnecessary or misplaced.

  3. To determine how much money we will be able to secure for you in energy efficiency rebates being offered in your area.

We then take this audit, along with your three most recent utility bills, inside square footage, and your illumination hours, to put together a complete proposal on how you can take what you are spending now on an inefficient lighting system and put those same dollars on your bottom line for many years to come through implementing a solid state LED lighting system.

Finally, in our “THE BENEFITS” section we will show you all of the benefits gained from implementing a solid state lighting system in your business.

Sample Proposal

The Benefits


Turn Energy Efficency Into Operating Income

Reduce annual maintenance costs up to 90%

LED lights use 75% less energy (and can last 25 times longer!)

Save up to 60% on electricity bills
The benefits of solid state LED lighting are numerous. The biggest advantage for your business is the fact that we have designed a method for you to be able to take this giant step into energy efficiency with NO NEW OPERATIONAL COST. The long term advantages of an LED lighting system vs. traditional systems are simply incredible. It only take one good reason to implement an LED system, Below is a list of some of the most 15 impactful advantages.

  • 70+% of lighting kilowatt usage is eliminated

  • Reaching sustainability standards for the next 20 years

  • Dramatically reduced Demand (kW) loads and costs

  • Bright, clean, safe, and effective lighting throughout your facility

  • The ability to mimic natural sunlight with the color of the LED lighting

  • Up to 40% reduction in lighting related HVAC demand 

  • Elimination of ballast expense and energy loss

  • Elimination of lamp labor and purchases for up to 15 years

  • Taking advantage of utility rebates and incentives

  • No lighting out throughout your building(s)

  • Disposal cost and hassle of fluorescent bulbs is eliminated

  • Opportunity to grasp LEED standards and Energy Star Awards

  • Dramatic reduction in CO2 emissions equivalency

  • Reduction of lighting related headaches caused by fluorescent lighting

  • Enhanced employee moral due to better performing lighting

  • Green marketing initiatives to your customer clientele with a practice what you preach mentality.

Whatever your reason for implementing LED, we will help you achieve your goals.