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Custom LED Systems Business Services helps you navigate the complexity brought on by the installation of LED Technology.  We empower your energy efficiency project by providing services over and above just delivering lighting.  

  • Cutting Edge Products – Our R&D team is spread across 6 countries searching the global market for the best and brightest technology in the world. We are constantly testing, searching, and sourcing the most efficient and affordable lighting on the planet.
  • Energy Efficiency Audits – Our team only recommends LED technology after finding the efficiency in your buildings.  We will help you
    identify the right lights to save you the most energy and money.
  • Lighting Energy Analysis – For energy efficiency to work, it has to be financially efficient as well. Our analysts custom design a lighting analysis based on your actual energy usage and make a recommendation that custom fits your expectations for return on investment and performance.
  • Incentive Administration and Research – It can be a hassle to handle all the paperwork, and would take months to identify all the incentives that your project would qualify for. We take all the hassle out of your hands, and handle the utility rebates, and other incentives with NO extra fees.
  • Installation – Our liscensed team of electrical contractors know our products and know how to get the job done in your difficult time frames. So if you don’t already have a trusted contractor, we can provide install without hassle.
  • Financing – LED is a machine not a liablility, so many times it will make sense to purchase it the same as other machines, through financing. We have low-hassle programs arranged to help you and your cash flow spread the cost of your project out over years allowing the immediate savings in energy to sometimes pay the entire finance payment.
  • Turn-Key Services – All you have to do is make the right decision to become energy efficient, and we can take care of the rest. All we need is commitment, and from there we can do parts or even complete the entire process.  Your staff will not have to spend extra time on research, auditing, administration, hiring, or any of the burdens that come with other energy projects.